February 19 2021 Elie Samuel GBAKA Comments Off on “FROM KID TO KING”: Conference at the Nord-Sud University / Famah Institute

“FROM KID TO KING”: Conference at the Nord-Sud University / Famah Institute

Mr. Fabrice Sawegnon, Managing Director of Voodoo Group gave a conference on “From kid to King” at Nord-Sud/Institut Famah University (UNS-IF)

Wednesday February 17th 2021, Mr. Fabrice Sawegnon, Voodoo Group CEO was hosted at Nord-Sud University/FAMAH Institute by the founder himself; Mr. Mory Diabate, the Adminstration General Director Mr. Ibrahim Diabate, FAMAH, and the whole school.

After a warm welcoming speech by the hosts of the day, Mr. Fabrice Sawegnon, exceptional guest, held a speech in front of an assembly of more than 500 students and faculty members around the theme ‘From Kid to King
Through this pertinent theme, the amazing speaker, indulged in a teaching exercise and admonition of the love of work and in the possibility to exceed one’s life. Indeed, according to Fabrice Sawegnon “working allows one to change their life (…) The important thing is to work”.

For at least two hours of interactions and exchanges, he recounted his prosperous journey from his birth to the man he has become. Not failing to remind his listeners, the importance of believing in their dreams, of knowing where they come from and their values. A man who knows where he comes from, will always know where he wants to go.

At the end of his speech, highly appreciated by the present students, Fabrice Sawegnon took some questions from the audience before accepting to sponsor some young entrepreneurs who took the opportunity to ask him a sponsorship.

This pleasant meeting not only ended with a new partnership between Nord-Sud University/ FAMAH Institute and the Voodoo Group, but also the baptism of a new room named “Fabrice Sawegnon” under the standing ovation of the whole assembly who was satisfied by this beautiful day.

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