January 20 2021 Elie Samuel GBAKA Comments Off on A 2.0 anniversary for Fabrice Sawegnon

A 2.0 anniversary for Fabrice Sawegnon

To mark his 49th birthday, Fabrice Sawegnon’s family and collaborators gave him a nice digital surprise.

Monday, January 18, 2021, Fabrice Sawegnon, CEO of Voodoo Group, blew out his 49th candle. For this special day, his family and collaborators organized a rather original surprise for the “King of Communication“.

The digital birthday, which we attended, will remain memorable for a long time and remarkable in the mind of the man we nickname Kirikou. From a musical stroll in his honor to the production of a video clip featuring the staff of the various subsidiaries of his companies, followed by a cocktail, we went all out to please him. The strong enthusiasm generated by this event and the technical resources mobilized testify to the value and affection that those around him have towards him.

Moved and taken aback, by this mark of special attention, Fabrice Sawegnon did not fail to express his love and gratitude to them #AvecLeCoeur

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