February 20 2021 Elie Samuel GBAKA Comments Off on Football gala in Locodjro: Fabrice Sawegnon promotes peace and social cohesion

Football gala in Locodjro: Fabrice Sawegnon promotes peace and social cohesion

Saturday February 20th 2021! On the youth center’s sport’s field annex to the city hall of Locodjro, there was an electric atmosphere, worthy of the Olympics. The cause was none other than the football gala placed under the stamp of peace and social cohesion opposing the Locodjro’s All stars against Yopougon’s.

This event, a result of several meetings between the leaders of various women and Locodjro’s youth movements, and Fabrice Sawegnon, CEO of Voodoo Group, to snatch his sponsorship, kept all promises.On this day, about twenty women’s and youth’s associations have recalled their troops to express their sympathy towards Mr. Sawegnon.

On this day, some twenty women’s and youth associations beat the recall of their troops to show their sympathy to Mr. Sawegnon.

“We young people, aspiring to take part in the peace and social cohesion of our country, have decided to play our part through football. To do so, we asked and were granted the sponsorship of Fabrice Sawegnon,” said Christian Yapoga, president of the movement ‘ Youth Obtrude’, Locodjro’s (MJL) section, in addition to being the chairman of the organization committee.

Women, through Mrs. Nanguy Solange, representative of the twenty present associations, saluted “Kirikou’s” actions in favor of the development of the social cohesion and the inclusion of young people. “We are ready to work with you in this direction,” stated Mrs. Nanguy.

In his speech, Marco Tah, chairman of the central organistion committee, and vice president of the movement ‘ Youth Obtrude’, was moved by the strong mobilization of Locodjro’s youth who braced their will to build the social cloth.

When Speaking, the sponsor Fabrice Sawegnon said he was happy to see the women and men of Locodjro, especially those of his generation : the Tchagbagbas. He also insisted on reassuring the youth on his will to boos t the projects’ realizations. “You can count on me; I will always be here whenever you need me.” He then proceeded to say “ I will always be by your side to help you in any project you have whether it is professional, celebratory or sportive.”

Beyond the soccer match, in which Locodjro beat Yopugon (1-0). The youth came out massively to meet someone they consider a complete model of entrepreneur, and share with him their desire to sew the social cloth that was ripped apart by political disagreements.

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