February 4 2022 Elie Samuel GBAKA Comments Off on Conference “Meet Up Togo” with Fabrice Sawegnon

Conference “Meet Up Togo” with Fabrice Sawegnon

This Friday, February 4, 2022 in Lomé, Togo, Fabrice SAWEGNON hosted a conference at the “Meet Up Togo” with Thione Niang, on the theme: “Doing business differently”. Fabrice SAWEGNON wished to thank the Togolese ministers present in the room, Mr. Malick NATCHABA Secretary General of the Government, Mr. Kokoroko DODZI in charge of National Education and President of the University of Lomé, and Mrs. Myriam DOSSOU-D’ ALMEIDA in charge of grassroots development, youth and youth employment.

He ended his remarks by thanking Samuel MMAJU (UK Partners), the initiator of the “Meet Up Togo” conference as well as Tony ADAMS (Boss Playa) for the invitation and the remarkable organization and by congratulating all the Togolese speakers who took part in this ceremony as well as all those present.


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