May 27 2021 Elie Samuel GBAKA Comments Off on BBR official opening

BBR official opening

On Thursday May 27, 2021, Fabrice Sawegnon officially inaugurated the Boulay Beach Resort (BBR), a hotel and beach club nestled on Boulay Island.

During the opening ceremony, the vision and values ​​of the hotel were presented through speeches by BBR CEO Laurence Sawegnon and COO Nawaz Hossunnally.

Mr. Sawegnon and the management first of all thanked the Minister of Tourism Mr. Siandou Fofana, who in addition to having done the honor of his presence, shared precious words before proceeding to the cutting of the ribbon .

Second, they thanked the traditional chiefs for making the trip to the hotel complex to spread the libations.

And finally, Fabrice Sawegnon thanked all the teams who worked hard to make this event a success, as well as the bloggers, influencers, media and journalists for their presence.

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