June 16 2019 Elie Samuel GBAKA Comments Off on Help me find this “silent hero”!

Help me find this “silent hero”!

I have no memory of my father, who left too early when I was 3 months old … But fathers have had them! They were excellent benchmarks for me, infallible haunts and taught me to build myself outside of conventions.

Father figures, Father-in-law, Professors, Professional experts, Confreres, Brothers, Saint-father, Savior (Jesus) … they were for me cerbers, lights and shepherds.

On this day of celebration, I exceptionally want to pay tribute to one of them: Mr Jim Kouess, my economics teacher at the Abidjan Technical High School who taught me that no principle is infallible “N ‘ Don’t have the complex of typed paper, whoever wrote it may well have been wrong. Time will eventually prove it to us or simply make us put everything into perspective. Do you make up your own mind? ”

I’m looking for this “Silent Hero”
Help me find this “Silent Hero” in order to honor him!
Happy Father’s Day everyone.

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